general knowledge questions – general knowledge quiz

general knowledge questions - general knowledge quiz
general knowledge questions

general knowledge questions – general knowledge quiz

01. Which science studies the human nervous system?

A. Neurology / neurology

B. Anthropology / Phlebology

C. Nephrology / Nephrology

D. None of these

Answer : Nephrology / Nephrology

02. Which is the disease caused by iodine deficiency?

A. Goitre

B. Diabetes

C. Leprosy

D. Polio 

Answer: Goitre

03. What is the total number of ribs in the human rib cage?
A. 24
B. 36
C. 21
D. 30

Answer: 24

04. Human heart beats every minute ———- ?
A. 72
B. 82
C. 92
D. 78


05. Universal donor means ——–blood donor yes?
B. b
C. O
D. A

Answer: A

06. Potato is ———— ?
A. Original
B. trunk
C. Seed
D. Fruit

Answer: trunk

07. How many languages ​​are written on Indian currency notes?
A. 20
B. 13
C. 15
D. 17

Answer: 17

08.In which country was tea invented first?

A. India

B. China

C. Italy

D. Germany

Answer: China

09. Which of the following countries has the highest number of earthquakes?

A. China

B. North Korea

C. Iran

D. Japan

Answer: Japan

10. Which country has only 825 people living in it? A. Macau

B. Monaco

C. Vatican City

D. San Marino

Answer: Vatican City

11. A group of stars in space is called —–.
A. Galaxy
B. nebula
C. Milky Way
D. Constellation

Answer: Milky Way

12.What is the largest continent in the world?
A. Asia
B. Europe
C. Africa
D. Australia

Answer: Asia

13.How many oceans are there in total on earth?

A. 9

B. 6

C. 5

D. 4

Answer: 5 

14.How many continents are there in total on earth?
A. 6
B. 7
C. 8
D. 10

Answer: 7

15.Where is the last match of IPL 2022 Final?

A. Eden Garden Stadium

B. Brabourne Stadium

C. Wankhede Stadium

D. Narendra Modi Stadium

Answer: Narendra Modi Stadium

16.Which allied nations were involved between America and Russia in World War II?

A. Germany

B. France

C. Japan

D. Italy

Answer: France

17.Bandhan Express and Maitri Express run between which countries?
A. India – Sri Lanka
B. India – Pakistan
C. India – Nepal
D. India – Bangladesh

Answer: India – Bangladesh

18. Who has become the world’s highest paid CEO according to Fortune 500?

A. Elon Musk

B. Team Cook

C. Jensen Huang

D. Bill Gates

Answer: Elon Musk

19.Which country has won the Cricket ODI World Cup 2019?
A. India
B. England
C. New Zealand
D. Australia

Answer: England

20.In which continent are the Prairies grasslands?
A. South America
B. North America
C. Australia
D. Africa

Answer: North America

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